Trivial matters

24 Oct


Trivial matters drive you up the wall.

Just yesterday, I was preparing to go for an early morning appointment to find my car was full of bird dungs. The birds have eaten the mango outside my house and then shitted all over my car. It is not nice to go and fetch someone for a meeting with a car plastered with such stuffs. I have to clean it.

Then there was a road accident which added to me being jammed on ECP. We were obviously more late for my appointment.

Back to my car again, the additional lights installed caused my car to fail its annual inspection.

Then there is the office politics with people saying things about you that you are totally not true.

All these add up to a terrible couple of days.

All are trivial and will not make me any more worse off but it can trigger my anger. I am unhappy about some of these but choose to see the lighter side of it. It is not simple yet it is not that difficult to see that trivial matters should not let me loose sleep over such things. I am in the end happier and did not let it ruined my days. It is a small victory for me.


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